Environmental Science

Unit 2 Economics and Policy



 21.1 International law

 21.2 Policy in the United States

21.3 importance of the Individual


NOTES and student outlines

Chapter 21 Review Questions 


Project based learning activities 

International laws webquest 

FRONTLINE:  How Scott Pruit's EPA is erasing Obama legacy

Scott Pruitt and The EPA Analysis


 US government policy enforcement

Major US environmental law project

What Can I do? Famous environmentalists




Unit 3 Populations

Reading And Student Outlines 


Human Population Notes



Chapter 9, Section 1


Projects, and Student Activities

Regional Differences in Human Population

Analyzing demographics of 2 Countries



Poplulation Project A

Population Project B

Population Project C

Population Project D

Population Project E

population project F




Unit 5 Air Pollution



Chapter 20 Text The Environment and Human Health

Chapter 2 TEXT:  Doing envionmental science

Chapter 12 Section 1 What causes Air Pollution?



Notes and student outlines 

Notes:  Environment and Health


Project based Learning activites 

The State of Air


lead and IQ graph

Rubric:  creating a graph

Rubric:  analysis and conclusions

Lab investigation:  LD50 At what level is salt concentration toxic?

Unit 4 Food Production and the Environment





GMO 2015 Activity


Unit 4 Water Pollution and Water Chemistry

Reading And Student Outlines 

chapter 11 section 3 reading and questions

Water and Pollution outline

Articles to Read From NYTIMES

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3




Water and Pollution


Water pollution (introduction)


Acids, Bases, and pH

Ionic bonds

buffers and alkalinity 



Unit 7 Climate Change

Reading And Student NOTES PPT 

Global Climate Change


Student  OUTLINE




Projects, and Student Activities