Environmental Science

Unit 4 Food Production and the Environment





GMO 2015 Activity


Unit 5 Populations

Reading And Student Outlines 


Human Population Notes


Projects, and Student Activities

Regional Differences in Human Population

Analyzing demographics of 2 Countries



Poplulation Project A

Population Project B

Population Project C

Population Project D

Population Project E

population project F




Unit 3 Pollution and Environmental health and the process of doing science


Chapter 20 Text The Environment and Human Health

Chapter 2 TEXT:  Doing envionmental science


Notes:  Environment and Health



lead and IQ graph

Rubric:  creating a graph

Rubric:  analysis and conclusions

Lab investigation:  LD50 At what level is salt concentration toxic?

Unit 4 Water Pollution and Water Chemistry

Reading And Student Outlines 

chapter 11 section 3 reading and questions

Water and Pollution outline

Articles to Read From NYTIMES

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3




Water and Pollution


Water pollution (introduction)


Acids, Bases, and pH

Ionic bonds

buffers and alkalinity