Unit 5 Biotechnology, GMO's


Lecture Presentations and Review Guides

Intro to biotechnology KHAN

GMO Lecture Notes



Biotechnology Introduction (13.1)

Biologists Can engineer Bacteria (13.2)

GMO's (13.3)


To Watch ON KHAN Academy or Bozeman Science


Molecular Biology bozemanscience


Learning Activities/CAPT activities/Lab exercises

GMO webquest

GMO controversy (Pro Con) 

GMO crops planted graphing exercise

GMO US crops and world population growth estimates


Quiz/ CFA's

GMO Reading SAT quiz




Unit 5 Viruses


Power Point Lecture Presentations (with student outlines)

Virus notes

Virus Student Outline


Reading and Handouts AND HW

viruses (16.5)

virus 10.16-18

Estimating Ebola Graphing Questions




 viruses (bozeman science)

virus replication


Project Based Learning Activities

Ebola Project

Ebola Project Resource links

Estimating Ebola Graphing Questions

Viruses Model



Virus Unit Quiz



Unit 5.  Evolution, Phylogeny


Lecture Presentations

Cladograms, Phylogeny (what are they and how to build them)

 Cladograms, phylogeny student notes


History of Evolution

History of Evolution student notes

Evidence for Evolution

Evidence for Evolution Student Notes

Microevolution and Speciation

Microevolution and speciation notes



15.4 Cladograms

14.1 Darwin

14.2 Evidence 

14.3 Natural Selection

14.5 Evolution and medicine

14.4  Microevolution


TO WATCH ON KHAN ACADEMY, Bozeman, or Other videos:

Cladograms (bozeman science)

How to build a Cladogram animation


natural selection (khan crash course)

Introduction to evolution and natural selection



Evidence for Evolution 1(bozeman)

Evidence for Evolution 2(bozeman)

evidence for evolution safemode

Natural selection safemode

Natural Selection (bozeman) 

Examples of Natural Selection (bozeman)


PBS Darwins Dangerous Idea (youtube)

PBS Video Clip#2 Who Was Charles Darwin

PBS video #3 How do we know evolution happens? 

PBS video #4 How Does Evolution Really work? 

PBS video #6 Why does evolution matter now?


Project based Learning activities

Pasta Cladograms


cladogram analysis

constructing a cladogram

Online activity worksheet

Making YOUR cladoogram WEBQUEST


Peppered Moth Simulation (paper and pencil)

Natural Selection e-labs

Peppered Moth e-simulation


Natural Selection Project

Survival of the sneakiest comic strip 



Quiz/ CFA's

Cladograms and Taxonomy 

Bozeman Evolution vQuiz 

Natural Selection (crash bio) vQuiz

Practice Quiz Evolution

Evolution Unit Quiz

Evolution Unit Quiz Open Ended


New Species of Galapagos

New Species of Galapogos Version 2

Cladogram Take Home Quiz 

Practice Quiz Cladograms

SAT Automobiles